About Us

About Us

Ergonomic, Stylish and Prevents Back Pain

Who are we?

BackGood is a medically endorsed lifestyle brand that offers a range of ergonomically designed products that cater to our daily spine needs. Each product is designed to maintain optimal spine alignment during various day-to-day activities, which in turn prevents more serious spine issues from developing due to extended periods of bad posture.

Our Promise

Complete Spine Care

Our product range is designed to address the needs of the entire spine (both back and neck), through a range of daily activities, be it travel, work or home.

Promote Healthy Posture

Our products maintain a correct sitting and sleeping posture and alignment of the spine. Consistent use of products prevents chronic spine issues from occurring in the long run.

Clinically Approved

Our design process involves multiple spine specialists to make sure that every product we create is not only ergonomically designed, but also medically approved.

Research & Testing

Our products go through rigorous research and testing processes involving different age groups,genders and occupations to make sure they are optimised for all.

Quality Assured

Our products are not only designed, but also manufactured by us. All products are made using high-quality foam and fabrics that are breathable and skin-friendly.

Our MIssion

To provide the highest quality products that aid consumers with maintaining a healthy spine on a daily basis.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted global lifestyle brand in the spine health category.

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices, we often forget to care for our body’s foundation: the spine. The spine that supports us through every activity that we do is frequently neglected in our pursuit of health and wellness. BackGood was created to fulfil this fundamental lifestyle with the need to provide the right support for our spine as we go about our lives.

Our ergonomic designs are a product of thorough research and rigorous testing made only from the highest quality material to make sure that spine support both looks and feels great. No matter what lifestyle changes we make,