Knee pillows are a great addition worth considering for under and in between while sleeping or even just relaxing.

Knee pillows should be used by side sleepers, pregnant women, people suffering from back pain and joint pain, and anybody looking for extra comfort.


Research suggests that placing a pillow between your knees provides you comfort while sleeping and ensures good quality sleep every night. It also supports your spine from feeling severe back pain.

The human body needs around 7-8 hours of sleep a night to recover from the day. A knee pillow can get you the comfy sleep and rest you deserve.


Below are the benefits of using the right knee pillow: –

1. Reduces the pressure on knees: The knee pillow helps in reducing pressure on your knees while you have a good night’s sleep. A knee pillow eliminates muscle cramps for your comfy sleep. It alleviates the stress from knee stacking by distributing the pressure evenly on thighs while properly spacing them to align your hip and thus your spine

2. Eradicates knee pain: For side sleepers; a knee pillow acts as a buffer between your knees and lowers the chances of developing pain. Pain can arise as to when you sleep on the side, your knees rub against each other causing friction.

3. Spine Alignment: The spine alignment is thrown out of the normal order while you sleep. A knee pillow raises the legs to better align with the hips while keeping the spine in a neutral position. This helps you wake up with no back pain.

4. Extra support: A knee pillow provides you with additional support so that you are in a comfortable position and relieve you from pain or ache.

5. Minimizes back pain: It stabilizes and balances your hip to reduce the pull on your spine and lower back.

6. Promotes blood circulation: A knee pillow promotes blood circulation throughout your lower body, thereby reducing muscle soreness and tension. Especially, in pregnant women, it stimulates and enhances blood circulation in the lower body.

7. Helps people with minor sciatica: A knee pillow opens up the leg and hip slightly via proper spacing and thereby reduces pressing on sciatic nerves. It also lowers tension on the sciatic nerves by leveling the legs between the hip and the knee.

Many of us might think and believe that pillows are made only for the head; however, a knee pillow keeps your lower back supported and ensures that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed.

A good night’s sleep boosts your mood, and leaves you fresh and energized; so, what you need for a good night’s sleep is – a knee pillow.

Grab your ideal knee pillow now and avail all these benefits.