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The Optima chair is designed to offer unparalleled levels of comfort and support. The biomorphic mesh allows for superior heat dissipation, while ventilation throughout the day helps keep you cool as well! The intuitive controls allow personalization in terms of lumbar depth or height placement based on need; they’re tailored specifically towards every user.

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Benefits of the Back Good Ergonomic Support Chair:

1 – Maintains Correct Posture
Back Good’s posture chair offers maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopaedic accuracy. The ergonomic design corrects your upper body posture and reduces the likelihood of neck and back pain while sitting, reading or working.

2 – Reduces Strain on the Neck & Back
Its unique design and adjustable backrest, help in promoting good posture. This improves muscle strength, preventing neck strain and back strain due to prolonged sitting or long working hours.

3 – Multipurpose Use
The posture chair is versatile and can be used in the office, dining room, kitchen, living room or guest room as a reading chair, desk chair, computer chair or office chair while working or relaxing.

4 – Adjustable Features
a. Self-calibrating multi-lock mechanism with seat sliding tested as per BIFMA standards
b. The adjustable lumbar support attached to the chair is a great addition for those who want an even more comfortable experience. It can be easily adjusted with just one hand, making it easy on you and your back at all times!
c. You can move your arms in any direction with these 3 adjustable armrests! They’re designed to support the elbows, forearms and provide relief for neck cricks.
d. Adjustable and flexible headrest, which protects you from neck, shoulder and other body aches common in office occupation

5 – High-Quality Materials
The breathable mesh back provides support while, allowing air to circulate, keeping your back cool and comfortable. Its padded seat cushion with high-density foam offer everlasting comfort and enhances productivity as well as efficiency.

6 – 360 Degree Swivel Chair
Offering a versatile range of motion, the executive chair swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience, and its durable casters allow smooth-rolling mobility and flexibility in the working space. The maximum weight this chair can hold is 150kg.

7 – Increases Productivity
Using a lumbar support chair increases your efficiency. Back Good’s ergonomic chairs are comfortable. This leads to several benefits, including higher attention levels, better memory and concentration.




  • Chair Height – 123 cm
  • Chair Width – 62 cm
  • ArmRest Height- 26.5 cm

Special Features:

  • Highly recommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists; restores the natural ‘s’ shape of the spine
  • Ergonomic design improves your posture, relieves back strain
  • Keeps you alert and productive while working or sitting for long periods; improves concentration
  • Self-calibrating multi-lock mechanism with seat sliding tested as per BIFMA standards
  • Active, dynamic sitting helps in building core strength, reduces neck, back, hip, and coccyx pain
  • A highly resilient foam seat minimizes pressure points, encourages healthy blood flow to your legs
  • Mesh backrest for better airflow with a tilt tension knob, 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable headrest, backrest, and armrests ensure everlasting comfort and support, improves spinal alignment
  • Multipurpose use; can be used in the office, dining room, kitchen, living room, or guest room as a reading chair, desk chair, or office chair while working or relaxing
Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage

This lumbar support chair is ideal for you if:

  • You work for long periods of time
  • You are looking to enhance productivity while working
  • You have incorrect posture while sitting, working or reading
  • You suffer from back pain or spinal issues after working long hours
  • You have a history of neck pain, back pain, hip pain, leg pain or coccyx pain
  • Your spine specialist, orthopaedic, or physiotherapist has recommended you to use a posture chair

Helps with:

  • Muscle tension
  • Posture
  • Stress Relief
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Spine Alignment


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – Does this posture chair need to be assembled? If yes, what tools do you need to assemble the chair?
A. No. This posture chair does not need to be assembled by our buyers. Back Good ensures quick and efficient assembly of the chair before it reaches your home.

Q.2 – Is the armrest adjustable? Does it swivel out?
A. Yes. The 3-way adjustable armrests are designed to move up-down, front-back, and left-right. The armrests support the elbows, forearms, and help prevent the shoulders from slouching, shoulder pain and neck cricks.

Q.3 – Is this lumbar support chair washable? What is the process to wash it?
A. Back Good’s posture chair can be washed with a damp cloth and soap. For ultimate cleanliness, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any additional accumulated dust or dirt.

Q.4 – Can this posture chair be used as an office chair?
A. Yes. Back Good’s ergonomic office chair can be used while working or reading. Using a posture chair increases your productivity, leading to several benefits, including higher attention levels and better memory. Its ergonomic design ensures correct spinal posture and reduces the prospect of neck pain and back pain while working

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