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Back Good’s Hip-Safe knee pillow is ergonomically designed to reduce back pain, hip pain, and sciatic nerve pain. Its contoured design comfortably fits between your knees, ensuring ideal spinal alignment through the night. It is perfect for side sleepers who wake with morning stiffness in their legs & joints. This knee wedge pillow provides constant leg support, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort and a good night’s sleep!

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Eases hip, knee & back pain
Constant support that eases pain

Perfectly fits between the knees
Its contoured design perfectly fits between knees

Eliminates pressure & muscle tension
Minimizes pressure, relieving muscle pain

High Density Foam
Made with highly resilient foam that does not loses its shape with regular use


Benefits Of Back Good’s Orthopaedic Knee Pillow

1 – Maintains Correct Posture
Back Good’s hip pillow ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopedic accuracy while you sleep. The ergonomic design helps in maintaining a neutral spinal alignment, relieving hip and back strain almost instantly.

2 – Relieves Hip, Knee & Back Pain
By maintaining the body’s natural hip alignment while sleeping, this pillow ensures muscle relaxation. It prevents hip, knee, and back pain with regular use by correcting your posture when you sleep.

3 – Supports Legs & Knees; Relieves Pressure Points
Its ergonomic design cradles your knees, preventing your upper leg from disrupting your spinal alignment. This reduces stress on your hips and lower back, keeping your lower body weight evenly distributed and relaxed throughout the night.

4 – Portable, Easy to Carry
The cushion is compact and lightweight and can be packed in a small suitcase. Make sure to take it with you while traveling for ultimate comfort at night!

5 – Easy Care Fabric
The removable cover is machine washable and easy to care for!



Product Dimension 10.5 x 8 x 5.75

Special Features:

  • Recommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists
  • Prevents spinal twisting at night, ensures muscle relaxation
  • Reduces pressure on the spine & prevents back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and sciatic nerve pain with regular use, improves blood circulation
  • The ergonomic hourglass design conforms to the shape of the body and provides overall firmer support while sleeping
  • The contour pillow cradles your pressure points, keeping your spine and hips aligned through the night
    Ensures leg elevation at night provides everlasting comfort
  • Created with comfortable, superior quality breathable cotton fabric and high density molded hypoallergenic foam
  • Easily removable and washable cover
  • Can be used while sleeping or relaxing; ideal for side sleeping
Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage

This knee pillow is ideal for you if:

  • You sleep on your side
  • Your sleeping position causes morning stiffness and muscle strain
  • You suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, hip or joint pain
  • You have undergone spine, back, or hip surgery or require physical therapy
  • You are looking to correct your posture or prevent hip problems while sleeping
  • You are looking to relieve stress and pressure on your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Your spine specialist, orthopaedic or physiotherapist has recommended a knee pillow for sleeping
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size – 10.5 x 8 x 5.75 cm

Colour – Off White

Box Contains – 1 Pillow with Breathable Cover

Material – Dense Foam

Warranty – Exchange only Against Manufacturing Defects Only

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

  1. Do Not Use a Washing Machine or Dryer
  2. Hand wash in cold water
  3. Remove Pillow Cover Before Washing
  4. No Bleach




Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – How do I use this knee pillow?
A. Back Good’s knee pillow for hip pain is specifically designed to be used while sleeping or relaxing. Place the pillow between your legs. This firm pillow cradles and supports your legs all night, ensuring perfect spinal alignment, thereby preventing hip and back pain.

Q.2 – Why do I need a knee pillow?
A. Back Good’s knee pillow is ergonomically designed to reduce back pain, hip pain, and sciatic nerve pain. Its contoured design comfortably fits between your knees, ensuring ideal spinal alignment. It also encourages natural hip alignment while sleeping, providing constant leg support and guaranteeing long-lasting comfort through the night!

Q.3 – Is this a memory foam pillow?
A. No. The Hip-Safe Knee Pillow is made with dense foam; a type of foam recommended by spine specialists. The dense foam is soft, but not too soft. It is made to support your hips, back, legs, and spinal structure. It’s useful for avoiding hip and back pain along with muscle strains.

Q.4 – Is this back support pillow good for stomach sleepers?
A. Back Good’s orthopedic knee pillow is ideal for side sleepers but can be used in any sleeping position. Simply prop the pillow between your legs and enjoy undisturbed sleep all night.

Q.5 – Can this cushion prevent sciatica and joint pain?
A. Yes. Back Good’s firm pillow improves posture, spinal and hip alignment while sleeping. This relieves hip and back strain almost instantly. It also provides relief from conditions such as stiffness, joint pain, or sciatica.

Q.6 – Can this be used as a contour leg pillow by pregnant women?
A. Yes. This leg pillow is ideal for pregnant women. Its ergonomic design improves hip and spine alignment, relieving muscle strain almost instantly. This minimizes tossing and turning, providing a restful night’s sleep for expecting mothers!

Customer Reviews

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Anamika Singh

Hip Safe - Knee Pillow

S Krishnamoorthy
Hip safe knee pillow

Really useful. Value for your money. A cloth handle could enhance its value.

Amit Bhalotia

Good product

Not very supportive

I am an thin IBS patient and for me it's not helping still not helping in hip support...my thigh is so thin and it's not fitting. Need a suggestion from the company or better product for thin people like me...

David Dutta
Perfect knock knees corrector.

I have specially purchased for my knock knees i am using it since i have bought .. nd the results are very good ..