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The Back Good neck pillow is the best solution for long-haul travellers and daily commuters. This pillow ensures perfect spinal alignment, comfort and stability while driving or sitting for prolonged hours. It fills the void between your neck and the seat headrest helping you maintain a good spinal posture.

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Ergonomic design
Designed to improve posture and relieve muscle tension

Supports neck and shoulders
Supports upper back by keeping the spine in a proper alignment.

Reduces Head Pressure & Neck Pain
Driving or riding for a long time can cause a stiff neck or strained muscles. Our pillow reduces strain and pressure in the neck

Natural spine alignment prevents neck pain
You can maintain natural spine alignment especially in the C1-C5 area of your neck


Benefits of the Back Good Travel Pillow:

1 – Maintain Neck Posture
Unique Bio Design of the Back Good Travel Pillow supports the gap between your neck and the headrest. This neck cushion maintains excellent spinal posture with orthopaedic accuracy.

2 – Reduces Head Pressure & Neck Pain
Driving or riding for a long time can cause a stiff neck or strained muscles. This is no longer a cause for concern if you use the Back Good cervical pillow. It reduces head and neck pressure with its ergonomic design and provides good neck support.

3 – Travel Friendly
Suitable for all kinds of road trips and air travel adventures. This travel cushion can fit anywhere on any seat. Always carry it with you wherever you want to maximize the comfort of your car seat while driving or resting on a passenger or airplane seat.

4 – Natural Spine Alignment Prevents Neck Pain
Keeping your posture straight is excellent for reducing or avoiding neck and back pain. With the travel pillow for neck support, you can maintain natural spine alignment especially in the C1-C5 area of your neck

5 – Easy Care Fabric
The breathable mesh design & high-density moulded foam is easy to care for and washable. Please read the washing and drying instructions on the box.



Product Dimension 8 x 5.25 x 4

Special Features:

  • Designed by spine specialists for cervical neck support
  • German bio-design fills the void between your neck and seat headrest
  • Created with high-density foam, soft yet firm texture
  • Ergonomic support provides comfort and stability during a long journey
  • Breathable fabric is easy to maintain and wash
  • Lightweight, Easy to carry
  • Available in blue colour
Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage

This travel pillow is ideal for you if:

  • You are a frequent flyer or often travel in flights
  • You commute daily by car or bus
  • You suffer from neck stiffness
  • You have a history of cervical pain or neck issues
  • Your spine specialist or doctor has recommended a neck pillow
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size – 8X5.25X4 CM

Colour – Dark Blue 

Box Contains – 1 Pillow with Mesh Cover

Material – Dense Foam

Thread Count – 300TC 

Warranty – One Year Off-Site Warranty for Manufacturing Defect 

It is the ideal for both men and women


Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

1. Do Not Use a Washing Machine or Dryer
2. Hand Wash
3. Remove Pillow Cover Before Washing
4. No Bleach



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – Is this Pillow Good for Neck Support while sleeping in the car or flight?
A. Yes. The Back Good Travel Pillow is suitable for resting your neck while sleeping. It is better to use this pillow while travelling for avoiding strained neck muscles.

Q.2 – How to use this neck pillow?
A. Unbox from the pack and place the elastic at the back of the seat or headrest. Adjust the height such that it sits correctly and comfortably in the gap between your head and neck. Rest your neck on this to prevent pain and pressure during jerks and potholes.

Q.3 – Is this Pillow Soft?
A. The Travel Pillow for Neck Support is made with Dense Foam – a type of foam recommended by spine specialists. The Dense foam is soft, but not too soft. It is made to support your neck and spinal structure. It’s useful for avoiding neck pain and muscle strains.

Customer Reviews

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Have been using it for last 10 days while driving the car, neck pain has reduced substantially...
A good product...

K R Sudheer Kumar

Nice one to buy.

Naresh Dutt


Ajay Chauhan
Awesome product neck health pillow

I used it during my long drives. Meerut to Ujjain and then Meerut to Manali / Shimla and back to Meerut. I found it really helpful. My neck didn't soared. I bought 2 peices one for my office as well. Thanks for giving me my long drives back.

Valmiki Srinivasulu

Excellent quality as promised. I am finding it very useful.