In recent times, people care more about their workplace culture than bosses or growth opportunities. This is mainly because of the increasing health issues due to work culture. Employees are now looking for a flexible option like working from home or 5 days’ work to achieve not just work-life balance but also work-health-life balance.

Do you have to sit the entire day at a desk and work? You are not alone! Most of us go through this sedentary behavior that puts you at increased risk of spending more time in poor posture and no physical activity, which ultimately leads to pain and discomfort. Although it begins as an odd twinge, it can become an everyday affair hampering your regular chores.

Back or neck pain can make it difficult for you to focus on your work. So, the best advice is first to understand what causes back pain at your workplace and how or what measures should you be taking to prevent it.

Here are a few ways that shall help you stop or prevent back pain at your workplace.

  1. Pay attention to your posture – One should avoid slouching or leaning forward in the chair as it strains your neck and shoulders. Sitting in a wrong or poor posture for a long time harms your back and is the root cause of your back pain. People are used to phone-cradling in between their neck and shoulders which puts an additional strain on their neck and shoulders. Instead, try to use a headset or hold the phone in your hand.


  1. Be choosy with your chair– An office chair should have lumbar support i.e a natural forward curve at your belly button. You must adjust the height of your chair so that you can easily rest your legs flat on the floor. Otherwise, you may place your feet on a footrest.

  1. Customize your desk– If you are someone who has to work on a laptop or desktop for long hours, then it is essential that you keep your monitor about an arm’s length away and at/or slightly below your eye level. This will help you in avoiding slouching forward and encourage you to sit back with your shoulders relaxed. Adjust the screen brightness to reduce the strain on the eyes.

  1. Get up and walk around– Lack of movement during the entire day at the office can wreak havoc on your body. Sitting or standing in one position for an 8-hour workday can damage your spine in ways that you can’t even imagine! Therefore, get up and stand every 30 mins, do quick stretches and walk around for 2 mins, and get some fresh air to save yourself from that throbbing back pain.

  1. Adopt healthy habits – Avoid sitting cross-legged, lift properly a heavy object, and limit the time you spend carrying heavy handbags and purses. Lose excess weight and maintain a healthy diet and body weight. Change your position often while sitting for a prolonged time or try to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.


  1. Use ergonomic products– It is wise to make your workplace ergonomic-friendly by using ergonomic products that are specially designed to support your spine. To maintain a proper posture while at home or office or during travel, use appropriate support or cushion to help protect your spine.

Try these measures to feel the difference and you could be successful in driving neck and back pain troubles away. You may also experience a healthier and more productive day at your workplace.