Back Good POSTURE WISE D-Shaped Lumbar Roll for Back Pain and Lower Back Support


BackGood’s half lumbar roll back support cushion promotes normal alignment of the lower back, by correcting posture thereby maintaining the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. It provides multi-positional body support; contouring easily to any part of the body. When used correctly, this versatile back support lumbar pillow helps in preventing neck, back, shoulder, hip and leg pain. It also provides relief from sciatic nerve pain and discomfort caused due to a herniated disc. Made with supreme quality memory foam, this lumbar roll is ideal for use in bed, home chairs, office chairs or cars.


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Multi positional, multi purpose
It can be used in several ways – as a backrest on a chair, bed or sofa, in bed to elevate your knees, hips or legs, as a neck pillow while sleeping in bed

Corrects sleeping & sitting posture
It contours easily to any part of the body and ensures correct spine and hip alignment.

Relieves back and hip pain
Ensures muscle relaxation and relieves pain with regular use

High density memory foam
This soft yet firm foam, moulds to your body, relieves pressure and gives maximum comfort


Benefits of the POSTURE WISE Lumbar Support Pillow:

1 – Maintains Good Posture
Back Good’s half lumbar roll ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopaedic accuracy while sitting or sleeping. The ergonomic design helps in maintaining a neutral spinal alignment, relieving lower back strain almost instantly.

2 – Relieves Neck, Back, Hip & Leg Pain
This back support pillow provides multi-positional body support which contours easily to any part of the body. Simply insert this support cushion in between the seat/bed and your body. By correctly aligning your spine and hips, the pillow ensures the reduction of neck, shoulder, lower back, hip and leg pain while sitting or sleeping.

 3 – Multipurpose Use
The Back-Roll is exceptionally versatile and can fit anywhere on any seat. It is excellent for use in the office, at home, or travelling in a car, truck, bus, train or plane. Its adjustable straps (available in black) make application and removal extremely easy. This D-Shaped lumbar roll can be used to support various parts of your body, including your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, legs and ankles.

 4 – Portable, Easy to Carry
The cushion is compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space in your bag. Make sure to carry it with you wherever you go for ultimate comfort while travelling!

5 – Easy Care Fabric
The breathable mesh design & high-density memory foam is washable and easy to care for! The highly resilient memory foam is a perfect combination of soft and firm. It is extremely durable and moulds to the shape of your body, providing you with support for hours on end. Please read the washing and drying instructions on the box.



Product Dimensions 39.97 x 19.81 x 9.90

Special Features:

  • Recommended by spine specialists, orthopaedics & physiotherapists
  • Prevents neck, back, hip, leg and sciatic nerve pain with regular use; improves blood circulation
  • German Bio Design, promotes correct sitting and sleeping posture
  • Ergonomic Design reduces the gap between your back and the chair by maintaining the natural ‘S’ shape curve of your spine
  • Provides neck, knee, back and leg support; maintains optimal spine and hip alignment
  • Made with comfortable, superior quality breathable mesh fabric and high-density memory foam
  • Easy to remove the washable cover
  • Comes in three colours; white (ideal to use in bed, does not come with adjustable straps) and blue/black (ideal for chairs, comes with adjustable straps)
  • Easy to carry, portable and lightweight
  • Multipurpose use, perfect for office chairs, desk chairs or car seats


  • Lumbar support for upper and lower back; while sitting or sleeping
  • Neck and shoulder support while sleeping
  • Knee and ankle support, elevates legs, improves hip alignment and blood circulation
  • Post-surgery recovery pillow
  • Pregnancy pillow for hip and back pain while sleeping
Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage

This D-Shaped lumbar roll is ideal for you if:

  • You sit for more than 3 hours daily
  • You are a frequent traveller; you commute daily by car or bus
  • You are a side sleeper
  • You are looking to correct your posture or prevent neck, shoulder and back problems while sleeping
  • You are looking for leg and knee support to improve hip alignment while sleeping
  • You suffer from lower back pain, ankylosing spondylitis, tailbone pain, sciatica or are at risk of back pain
  • You are undergoing physical therapy for spine conditions or have undergone surgery
  •  You are pregnant and suffer from back pain at night
  • You are looking to relieve upper back, shoulder and back muscle tension while sleeping
  • Your spine specialist, orthopaedic or physiotherapist has recommended a lumbar support pillow
Additional information

Additional information

Colour – White (ideal to use in bed, does not come with adjustable straps) & Blue/Black (ideal for chairs, comes with adjustable straps)

Box Contains – 1 Pillow with Mesh Cover

Material – Memory Foam

Warranty – Exchange only Against Manufacturing Defects Only

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care:

  • Do Not Use a Washing Machine or Dryer
  • Hand Wash
  • Remove Pillow Cover Before Washing
  • No Bleach


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – Can this lumbar pillow be carried on airplanes/long haul trips?
A. Yes. The lumbar roll is compact, sleek, lightweight and easy to carry. The additional back support is sure to make your experience during long flights a lot more comfortable! Be sure to purchase the blue/black variant with adjustable straps to make your application and use a lot easier.

Q.2 – Does this lumbar roll have adjustable straps? Are they detachable?
A. Yes. Be sure to purchase the blue/black variant with adjustable straps to make your application and use a lot easier. The adjustable straps are not detachable to ensure the durability of the design while rough use.

Q.3 – Is this cushion good for support while travelling by car?
A. Yes, Back Good’s lumbar pillow is suitable for providing back support while travelling by car. It improves posture and spinal alignment, relieving neck, shoulder and back strain almost instantly

Q.4 – Is this a memory foam pillow?
A. Yes. The premium memory foam used is skin-friendly and breathable. Recommended by spine specialists, this pillow suits all sitting and sleeping positions. It maintains the shape of the contour pillow, supporting your neck, hip, back, knees, legs, ankles and spinal structure effectively, and offers maximum comfort while sitting or sleeping. This soft yet firm foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. Once the pressure shifts, it returns to its original shape. Memory foam is known to increase blood circulation, thereby relieving pain as well as reducing the strain on aching joints. Its anti-microbial properties reduce the number of bugs and dust mites that can cause allergies.

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