Multi-Purpose High Resilience Foam Seat Wedge Pillow For Tailbone and Lower Back Pain ( Anti skid)

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Sitting in one place for hours can lead to severe lower back pain, tailbone pain and other spinal injuries. Fortunately, the BackGood Seat Wedge Pillow, with its unique ergonomic design, cradles your pressure points, ensures firm support and improves posture in an instant. Crafted with high resilience foam and an added top layer of super-soft foam for comfort, this therapeutic seat wedge offers constant support to the coccyx area, relieving pain and discomfort while simultaneously supporting the natural curvature of your body.

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Multi functional
It can be used in several ways while working, lounging or driving.

Maintains healthy posture
The consistent and gradual incline of the wedge allows elevated sitting and sleeping posture, providing relief from acid-refluxes, snoring and back pain.

Dual layered
The base is made of highly resilient foam which doesn’t loose shape with regular use and the top has a memory foam layer providing maximum comfort


Benefits of BackGood’s Seat Wedge Pillow:

#1 – Maintains Back Posture 

The unique ergonomic design of BackGood’s Seat Wedge Pillow conforms to the contour of your body. It ensures that your spine is aligned with orthopaedic accuracy, providing added support to the coccyx, back, pelvic muscles and thighs.

#2 – Alleviates Pressure Points

Crafted with high resilience foam and an added top layer of super-soft foam for comfort, this seat cushion alleviates pressure points, aligns the spine, and improves blood circulation. 

#3 – Portable, Easy to Carry

Compact and lightweight, our Seat Wedge Pillow is available in universal dimensions.

#4 – Easy Care Fabric

This cushion’s breathable outer fabric can be easily removed, washed, and cared for. 



Special Features:

  • Recommended by spine specialists, orthopaedics & physiotherapists
  • Ensures muscle relaxation; prevents tailbone and lower back pain with regular use
  • Encourages spinal alignment and perfect posture
  • Multi-functional; can be used while lounging, working, watching TV, or driving
  • Created with comfortable, superior quality high resilience foam and an added top layer of super-soft foam for comfort; it conforms to the contour of your body
  • Easily removable and washable cover
Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage

The Seat Wedge Pillow is a perfect choice for you if:

  • You are looking to correct your posture while sitting
  • You are looking to relieve tailbone and lower back pain while sitting
  • You suffer from coccyx pain and require spinal stability/comfort
  • You suffer from muscle pain and stiff joints
  • Your spine specialist, orthopaedic or physiotherapist has recommended a Seat Wedge Pillow for support
Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

Cleaning Care

1.Do Not Use a Washing Machine or Dryer
2.Hand Wash
3.Remove Pillow Cover Before Washing
4.No Bleach



Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – How Will BackGood’s Seat Wedge Pillow Improve My Posture?

By nudging your pelvis forward and encouraging your back to be upright, BackGood’s Seat Wedge Pillow improves your core stability, relieves back pain, and ensures comfort to those who sit for extended periods. 


#2 – Is BackGood’s Seat Wedge Pillow Good for Long-Distance Driving?

Yes, this Seat Wedge, with its high resilience foam and contoured design, is long-lasting, durable and perfect for long-distance drives!


#3 – What Are the Benefits of Using a High Resilience Foam Pillow?

A High Resilience Foam Seat Wedge Pillow with an added top layer of super-soft foam ensures maximum comfort for long sitting hours and can support your tailbone, alleviate pain/pressure points, withstand your weight and support the natural curvature of your body.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size –  15 x 16 x 3.5 inches

Box Contains – 1 Pillow With a Breathable Cover

Material – High Resilience Foam

Warranty – Exchange Against Manufacturing Defects Only

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Bhupendra Bhate603
Seat Wedge Pillow

I intend using it keeping it on car seat (Tata Punch). The pillow is quite small in length and as a result, part of legs from front near the knee remains unsupported. Also it is bit stiffer. I have another wedge pillow at my house which works excellently well with both tata punch and kia Carens car.