Are you using the right chair while working from home or at the office?

Are you facing back pain issues lately due to work from home?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you should read the article to understand the cause or source of back pain. Back pain can range from low to constant pain to sharp shooting pain and poor posture combined with sedentary lifestyle aggravates it.

We all need a proper chair to sit for long hours while working, be it office or at home. The primary cause of back pain is sitting for long hours in one position or a wrong posture. Maintaining good posture is of utmost essential to keep back pain away. To achieve this, we need proper ergonomic office chairs or should use back support to make an ordinary chair ergonomic.

If you sit on a chair without any back support for long hours, it increases the pressure on your back muscles and puts enormous stress on your lower back, especially on your lumbosacral discs. Stressing your back repeatedly can leave you with severe back pain. A majority of people suffer from back pain due to the wrong posture adopted. Hence, you should choose the right chair for lumbar support or chair support for back pain.


Almost everyone needs a backrest for a chair to correct the sitting posture and prevent back pain. It is time to invest in your home office/office/travel and find the best chair support for your back pain.

  1. Sit Right – High Back Office Chair

Back Good’s high back office chair is designed for all those who know the difficulty of sitting for long hours and a perfect solution to maintain good posture while sitting for a long period. This lumbar support chair provides ultimate support to your spine and prevents any back pain due to prolonged sitting.

It supports your body’s natural posture, strengthens your lower back muscles and has an adjustable headrest, backrest and armrest that provides you all-day comfort. Sit Right-High back office chair is the perfect support for back pain.

  1. Sit Plus – Lumbar Support Cushion

You need back support even when you drive or frequently travel to maintain a healthy sitting posture. And you might not have noticed but the car or flight seats don’t exactly provide good posture, which exerts too much weight on your lower back and ultimately leads to back pain or worsens existing issues.

Sit Plus lumbar support cushion is ergonomically designed with adjustable straps that keep it in place and also maintain correct posture. This chair support for your back pain maintains neutral spine alignment while prolonged sitting and helps in easing back pain.

  1. Coccyx Cushion

How about you get a good comfy pillow for your favorite chair. This seat cushion has been designed considering ergonomics and to provide you with the best chair support for your back pain. This coccyx cushion relieves pressure from the tailbone and gives better support to your tailbone region.

This U-shaped seat cushion provides long-lasting comfort and support for those who spend long hours sitting either for work or travel. Back Good’s coccyx cushion promotes correct posture and is easy to carry along.

  1. Back Roll – Lumbar Support

Back Good’s lumbar support can convert any chair ergonomic, gives unparalleled comfort and is the best chair support for your back pain. This is perfect for all those who sit for more than 3 hours, suffer from lower back pain, or have back problems can benefit from this lumbar support cushion.

Placing a lumbar support in your chair helps in improving your posture, and relieves tension in the neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Back roll is lightweight, portable and can easily fit on any seat.

  1. Travel Plus – Back Support Cushion

If you are suffering from lower back pain and looking for some relief, then Back Good’s back support cushion is perfect for home use as well as for travelers. It is specifically designed to correct your posture, reducing pressure thereby easing back pain during long travel.

The ergonomic design of the back support cushion fits most seats and also maintains the natural curve of your spine. Travel plus provides comfort, support and relief from back pain.

  1. Sit Right – Ergonomic wooden Chair

If you are fervent about wooden furniture, then we offer an ergonomic wooden chair that perfectly suits your living room, dining room, guest room or your office space while providing everlasting comfort.

Sit Right chair supports your back and helps with ideal spine alignment, strengthens the lower back, maintains correct posture ad thereby helps in avoiding back discomfort while sitting for long hours.