Women are no less than men and have proved to be at par with men in every field. They have excelled in all the new-age professions from software to space. Until a few years back, the major challenge for women was maintaining a work-life balance, which has been resolved now to an extent. However, these new-age technologies and professions bring in newer health challenges.

Today, the foremost challenge for a working woman is maintaining a work-health-life balance. When a woman chooses to work, she also has to shoulder the entire responsibility of her home. This can be quite pressing after a long tiring day at work. Besides multitasking in various roles and in her quest to effectively maintain a work-life balance; her health gets neglected, unintentionally. Likewise, these superwomen don’t get enough time for themselves nor do they address their health issues at the right time.

The major reasons for these health problems arise basically from wrong postures while at work, traveling, sitting, standing and sleeping as well as leading a sedentary lifestyle. The corporate work culture has become taxing, resulting in long working hours which gives rise to back and neck problems.

Did you know – Women are 40% more likely to experience neck pain than men.

Sitting and staring at your laptop for a minimum of 8 hours not only strains your eyes but also strains your back muscles and ultimately affects your spine. Working for long hours without taking frequent breaks or stretching leads to back and neck conditions which if left untreated or unattended could become severe. It is of utmost importance to use the right ergonomic products to support your back and neck.

The combination of work, travel for long hours, and the vigorous demands of household chores take a toll on women’s health. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate some good practices and use ergonomic products to maintain a smooth, work-health-life balance.

Make way for these healthy habits to avoid back and neck pain-

  • Exercise regularly and keep an active, healthy lifestyle.

  • Maintain a proper posture; use an ergonomic chair to provide additional support to your spine.

  • Turn your workplace ergonomic and work comfortably.

  • Use a back support cushion or lumbar support for your back to avoid back pain. While sleeping, use a pillow for extra support.

  • While driving, make use of neck and back pillows to avoid putting a strain on your spine.

  • Try to avoid carrying a heavy handbag or laptop bag.

Spine experts believe you could avoid back pain and neck pain by adopting ergonomics, an active lifestyle, and maintaining correct posture.

Take a pledge to take care of your back and neck which will enable you to achieve your work goals and hectic lifestyle. If you feel frequent neck or back pain, then do not ignore or procrastinate; it’s time to adopt the right ergonomic product to help your back and neck.