Do you sit and work on computers for 8 long hours a day?

And so, you might be having a throbbing neck pain or back pain at the end of the day, leaving you in an irritated mood at home!

Most of us who have a desktop job go through this every day, yet we are ignorant of the situation and don’t do much unless the situation turns worse. Have you wondered why you get that pain, what went wrong or what should you do to avoid it?

The answers to all the questions are ‘posture’! Yes, the difference lies in good posture and bad posture. When you know you have a desk job that requires you to sit in one position and work on laptops for at least 8 hours; then you must customize your desk in such a way to maintain a good posture and avoid hurting your spine. This will help while you are working from home too.

Sitting or standing in a good posture and maintaining it is the only way to avoid/prevent back and neck problems. One should sit straight and keep the monitor at arm’s length with the screen slightly below or at your eye level. This might look a little tedious to do but how about a device that helps you do all this in one go?

Laptop Stand is the best solution! Laptops without laptop stands can be a troublemaker for your body posture. A laptop doesn’t come with the most ergonomic design; it makes you hunch forward, giving rise to poor posture and resulting in back and neck pain problems. Back Good laptop stand corrects your posture, improves ergonomics and provides you with a lot of convenience as you work. It can even be used for your home office or while you work from home.

Take a look at how Back Good laptop stand benefits your posture.

  1. Positions the laptop at the correct height– This is one big reason why you need a laptop stand. The low height of your laptop forces you to bend down or continuously look down to see the screen. This puts tremendous stress on the neck in the forward bending position. This laptop stand raises or positions the screen at the right height for you to easily see when sitting. In short, the stand brings your laptop to your eye level, which immediately makes your neck straight and hunching gets automatically eliminated.

  1. Reduces the strain on the neck– When you lean or face down to look at your laptop screes, it strains your neck giving you annoying neck pain. Back Good laptop stand helps your neck to be correctly positioned so that there won’t be any strain on your neck and you won’t get neck pain. It puts you in a more ergonomic position and you can work comfortably from home.

  1. Better ergonomics– An ergonomic tool is something that gives you comfort and efficiency at your workspace and minimizes the risk of injury. Back Good laptop stand enhances ergonomics as most tables are not designed keeping ergonomics in mind. It elevates the screen to your eye level and prevents the strain that is put on your neck & back. Also, it gives you comfort while typing.

Besides these benefits; a laptop stand can make for great makeshift standing desks as well. To break the cycle of a sedentary lifestyle, one can alternate between sitting and standing while at work. Back Good Laptop stand helps you in decluttering, organizing those cords, boosts productivity and is portable.

To sum up, with little investment, you can dramatically improve your work life with Back Good laptop stand and make a significant difference in your performance and overall health.